BBC Live Lessons – Resource Review

Looking for something to do next week? The BBC Live Lessons are delivered by BBC presenters your kids will know and love, and cover a wide range of curriculum subjects including English, maths, science, PSHE and the arts.

Alongside each recorded Live Lesson, there are activity sheets and follow-up clips.

In particular, the English Live Lessons are brilliant and encourage creative thinking and writing, and the science resources for developing curiosity about the world around us.

Most of the Live Lessons are aimed at 9-11 year olds, but some of the English resources are suitable for 5-13 year olds!

Live Lessons can be paused and returned to, so there’s no pressure and you can still enjoy spending time with your little ones.

Ultimately, though, don’t worry about trying to teach your children at home. This is not home schooling. This is a highly unusual and unprecedented event. Snuggle up. Read books. Play games. Make Dens. And if you can encourage your child to do the odd activity to keep existing knowledge fresh, do. Schools will reopen. Children will continue learning. This is just a blip, and they will return to school and continue to make progress.

Remember: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

That is enough.

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