Thursday #ThoughtOfTheDay

There should be no pressure to formally “home school” during this time of crisis. This isn’t home schooling. This wasn’t a choice to take a child out of formal education. This is an unprecedented event which no one could prepare for, and it is as scary and unsettling for children as it is for parents, and trying to teach from home is only going to make things more confusing for everyone.

You don’t need to recreate school at home. You don’t need a strict timetable. You are, as you have always been, your child’s primary educator. Love them. Be their safe place. Read, create, play, sing and talk together. Make the best of things. Eventually, we will all be ok.

Don’t worry about your child forgetting the things they have been taught; all children are in the same situation. When they return to school, which they will, teachers will recap and reteach what they need to. Everyone is in this situation; think positive, and where possible make the most of having time to spend with your babies while they are young.

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