As the first week of lock down comes to an end (because, let’s be honest, the weekends don’t really count if you’ve been socially distancing properly!), I think it’s time to reflect a little on the changes and challenges it has brought.

This week, I started delivering lessons online using my school’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). I’ve had to learn how to upload links, files and folders, and how to edit pages, modules and topics, and how to be patient when the page refuses to load for the fiftieth time. I’ve had to communicate with my team by phone call, email and text message, and I’m missing being able to have a laugh with them before and after the school day.

I miss my students. I miss my team. In a strange way, I almost miss my 1 hour + commute to work. I’m waking up at 6am every day and the furthest I can go is downstairs, never mind the 50 mile commute to work through the beautiful Hampshire countryside.

I also started this webpage and blog in the last week. My hope is that it proves helpful for parents and carers whose lives have suddenly changed too. I hope we can all remember that kindness is key: kindness to each other, kindness to the planet, and kindness to ourselves.

This week I’ve learned that technology is both a blessing and a curse. That keeping in contact with friends and family helps keep me sane, even when they drive me to distraction. That working from home is a real pain in the butt. That my lovely dog is a real thief and distraction and lightens the load dramatically. That community is key. That I live in a wonderful place with wonderful people. That my students might be irritating at times, but I miss their faces and their laughter and their constantly repeated jokes and their random hugs and long-winded stories.

In short, this week has been a challenge. It’s had personal successes and national disasters. And the end is not yet in sight. Working together as a community will be the way to succeed. We just need to stay positive, stay inside, and stay safe.

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