Meet the Collator

Hi! I’m Hannah, a fully qualified teacher working in the UK. Since qualifying from the University of Winchester in 2014, I have worked in a range of schools across Hampshire, including local authority maintained primaries and independent specialist settings. Throughout my career, I have tried to engage parents in continuing their children’s education at home, not through the use of tedious homework but through fun games and activities which can be done at home to complement the learning which takes place at school. As part of my master’s degree in inclusive practice, it became startlingly clear how important it is for parents to be active participants in their children’s education.

It was while teaching a computing lesson on webpage design in March 2020 that the idea for this site occurred: I was modelling adding layouts and thinking about the world-wide outbreak of COVID-19, the government-mandated school closures and stressed parents, and wondering what I could do to help in some small way. As I was talking to my class about themes they could choose for their webpages, I was struck by inspiration! I could collect links to online and physical resources, both free and subscription based, and give parents easy access to them to help continue education even while schools were shut.

And that was that! From that thought, this website was born.

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