Recommended Reading Lists

Learning to read is a vital skill – not all children will become book-lovers, but the aim of reading education is for all children to be able to access written information, whether that’s a novel, a recipe, a sign on the motorway, a letter, or a text message.

For each age group below, there is a carefully-curated selection of books – traditional and modern, fiction, non-fiction and poetry – to cater for most tastes!

0-3 years (baby and toddler)

3-5 years

5-8 years

9-12 years

12+ (teenage and young adult)

For children who struggle with reading, just moving down an age bracket is not sufficient; their understanding and contextual needs are often still age-related, and reading ‘baby’ books is damaging for their self-image, confidence and willingness to read. I have included a range of books for older children who find reading challenging below. Similarly, with a child who is a prodigious reader, moving up a bracket can mean the texts cover content which is not age-appropriate. There’s a section for them, too!

Struggling readers

Advanced readers

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