Scavenger Hunts!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

  • A toy with wheels
  • A book with the first letter of your name in the title
  • A pair of matching socks
  • 4 things that are green
  • Something very soft
  • A toy smaller than your hand
  • Something round
  • A book with numbers in it
  • 5 legos that are all different
  • A photo of someone you love
  • An item you can see yourself in
  • An item that makes you feel cozy
  • A toy that has 3 different colours
  • A movie that has ‘S’ in the title
  • Your snuggliest stuffed animal

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

  • 5 leaves that look different
  • A stick that is longer than your hand
  • A rock with spots on it
  • A flower
  • A flat rock
  • 10 blades of grass
  • Something you love to play with
  • A piece of rubbish you can recycle
  • Something that is brown
  • Something that is heavy
  • Something that is very light
  • Something that needs sun to live
  • An item smaller than your thumb
  • Something that starts with ‘M’
  • Something that smells good
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