Education must not simply teach work – it must teach Life. W. E. B. Du Bois I have always believed that the purpose of school is to produce young people who have experienced a broad and balanced curriculum which has prepared them to enter the real world and become useful citizens. Education should never beContinue reading “#MondayMotivation”


As the first week of lock down comes to an end (because, let’s be honest, the weekends don’t really count if you’ve been socially distancing properly!), I think it’s time to reflect a little on the changes and challenges it has brought. This week, I started delivering lessons online using my school’s Virtual Learning EnvironmentContinue reading “#FridayReflection”

Thursday #ThoughtOfTheDay

There should be no pressure to formally “home school” during this time of crisis. This isn’t home schooling. This wasn’t a choice to take a child out of formal education. This is an unprecedented event which no one could prepare for, and it is as scary and unsettling for children as it is for parents,Continue reading “Thursday #ThoughtOfTheDay”


One of my favourite websites and apps for sharing information with my students, particularly those with poor concentration or issues with working memory, is join.me. Available both as a free and ‘pro’ edition, join.me allows screen sharing between PCs, tablets and mobile phones. I have used it in class – sharing the information from myContinue reading “#TechTuesday”