Things to do

When you’re stuck at home, it feel like there is nothing to do and all ideas for entertainment vanish. Have a look at this list of 100 things to do at home for free and using resources you probably already have in your house.

  1. Make non-cook playdough, and have a Dough Disco
  2. Paint a family portrait
  3. Write and make a book
  4. Do some observational drawing
  5. Learn some laughter yoga
  6. Finger paint
  7. Make a band from kitchen pots and pans
  8. Footprint paint
  9. Have a dance alarm every 30 minutes
  10. Have a karaoke party
  11. Send a video message to family and friends
  12. Have a birthday party for a pet or cuddly toy
  13. Have an indoor picnic
  14. Discover your favourite story and share it together
  15. Order books alphabetically
  16. Have an indoor scavenger hunt
  17. Dress up in adult shoes
  18. Make, hide and challenge the kids to find a fairy door in the house or garden
  19. Do the hokey cokey
  20. Take a selfie through a toilet roll tube and pretend you are on the moon
  21. Make cards for everyone at home
  22. Get some bedsheets to flap and pretend they are waves and jump in
  23. Make cakes
  24. Get material or cardboard and make mer-person tails
  25. Get all the chairs together and make a bus to play conductors and drivers – where could you go?
  26. Make a camp in your bed
  27. Make a dark den and use a torch – what shapes and animals can you make with your fingers?
  28. Write a letter to a neighbour or friend
  29. Colour in a colouring book or draw a picture
  30. Make wool or string hair over a chair – what hairstyles can you give it?
  31. Have a pamper day
  32. Have a scrunched up paper fight using recycling
  33. Make ice lollies using squash and water
  34. Make sandwiches in strange shapes
  35. Make a pretend car from boxes or furniture
  36. Learn a rhyme or poem
  37. Make paper aeroplanes
  38. Have a pirate adventure – make boats from boxes or furniture, and learn to fold paper boats
  39. Blow bubbles and try to catch them
  40. Make posters for the walls
  41. Read and share books and audiobooks – most libraries have digital downloads so you can do this from home with new books!
  42. Make a papier mache sculpture over a balloon
  43. Blow up a balloon and see how long you can keep it from touching the ground
  44. Play a board game
  45. Play hide and seek
  46. Play dominoes
  47. Learn a card game
  48. Make smoothies
  49. Make stick or finger puppets and perform a puppet show
  50. Make shadow puppets
  51. Make sock puppets
  52. Choreograph a dance or learn a dance routine
  53. Have an upside down meals day – lunch for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, etc.
  54. Learn a sing-a-long
  55. Learn to cook something new
  56. Learn a funny song and make up a silly dance
  57. Leave happy notes all around the house in strange places
  58. Make a fitness routine and put the family through their paces
  59. Make characters using vegetables
  60. Dance and sing to Knees Up Mother Brown
  61. Play I Spy
  62. Open your windows and sing out a song – maybe you’ll have a street sing-a-long!
  63. Learn the days of the week song
  64. Play musical statues
  65. Learn a Beatles song
  66. Learn a Queen song
  67. Make an indoor restaurant and serve your family
  68. Have a toy’s tea party
  69. Roll balls down the stairs
  70. Be superheroes with sheet capes
  71. Eat cereal with the biggest spoon you can find
  72. Have an ice cream party
  73. Enter an online competition to win a prize
  74. Vacuum the house – what can you find that you thought was lost?
  75. Let the kids loose with dusters and polish – who can make the most things shiny?
  76. Fold up sheets – neatest fitted- sheet-folder wins!
  77. Use a sheet as a parachute to fluff up and hide under and play parachute games
  78. Make binoculars with spare loo roll tubes and look out the window at birds
  79. Make yogurt pot telephones
  80. Make a junk model rocket as large as you can
  81. Create a comedy show
  82. Pretend to conduct an orchestra to music
  83. Hike up the stairs like they’re a mountain – what will you find at the top?
  84. Roll around a large space in your home
  85. Hop around like a bunny
  86. Learn to play sleeping lions
  87. Learn and act out 5 Little Monkeys
  88. Find as many collections of 10 things in your home as you can
  89. Dance in the shower
  90. Sing in the bath
  91. Squirt shaving foam in your hands
  92. Make a scrap book of your favourite things and people
  93. Play Jack in the Box in a large cardboard box or from behind a piece of furniture
  94. Have a themed party
  95. Stay up late to look at the stars with treats
  96. Play apple bobbing
  97. Jump on the bed
  98. Make and bash a pinata
  99. Do coin/surface rubbing with paper and crayons
  100. Play musical chairs/musical statues

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